Driver License Initiative

The purpose of the Driver License Initiative is to prepare applicants to pass the State of Utah's driver license test in English. Utah does not offer the option to take the driver license test in other languages. Many people who have the driving skills are unable to get a driver license or driving privilege card because they cannot pass the state's written examination. When individuals don’t have a valid license necessity often forces them to drive even though they are uninsured. Once they pass the written examination they can get their permits and insurance. This benefits everyone in our society.

Another benefit of taking the driver license classes is that people begin to learn basic English. When they get their driver license they realize that they can achieve more and set realistic goals that in turn benefit them and their families. With a driver license they can get better jobs and better provide for their families. This often motivates them to continue learning English.

 We understand that most of our students come from different cultural and educational background. With this in mind and with our track record of success throughout the years, we have designed a teaching model that helps students stay active and pass the driving exam in English. Our lesson plan consists on four classes during the week using a special proprietary handbook taught by our instructors. Students stay in the program as long as it takes for them to pass the test. There are no extra fees for those who stay longer than the 9 lessons outlined in the curriculum.  This incentive has helped overseven thousand Latinos to get their driving license or driving privilege cards. We at CCH are very proud of their success.


“Advance for Justice.”

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Documentary film and artistic initiative

Recently, our Multimedia Director Ricardo Quintana produced the short film Ghost in the Mountain. This film is about Latinos coming with a special visa to work as Shepherds in the Mountains in Utah. CCH is currently working with Paper Hat Films in co-directing a feature film based on the aforementioned short-film.



CCH is documenting on video and photography stories about students who have passed or are currently trying to pass the driving test. Thousands of CCH Latino Spanish speaking students have passed the Driving Test in English, many of them facing major challenges along the way. To have an account of these successes is key to the future of the organization and its funders; but more importantly, it is inspiring to those seeking to overcome obstacles to their success.