Bryan Robinson – Has a JD from the University of Utah and Speaks both Spanish and Portuguese

fluently. He has been involved with the Latinx Community for over a decade providing mentoring on a volunteer basis for Utah’s Latinx Community. He has retired from his law practice and now owns a successful translation company.

Karen Becerra – Karen Becerra, a proud American born in Venezuela, moved to the United States in

2003. She understands the challenges faced by Utah’s Immigrant Community. Karen has been involved in for the community since 2009. She was a paralegal at Alldox, LLC, she is the co-founder of Translations Solutions LLC and current Chair of Immigration and Citizenship for Utah LULAC. Presently, she is an account manager at Prime Acceptance Corp. She has always believed that an educated community is a community that is empowered and cannot be defeated.

Rossana Notaro – Rossana Notaro is a former instructor of Hispanic Community Connection (CCH) and because she understands our model she was very excited to be a part of the CCH Board team. Her community includes helping Spanish speaking members of Utah’s Latinx Community in tax preparation and is proud of her membership in LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. She currently serves as LULAC Utah Council 44055 President. Rossana is fluent in Spanish and is always in search of ways to contribute to improve the conditions of the Latinx community not just in Utah but of the nation.

Antonella Packard – Antonella Packard Antonella Packard has served in Senior Management capacitiesfor various international companies, among them Fortune 500 corporations. Her professional background includes banking where she focused on small businesses. She is experienced in leading market penetration campaigns across different cultures and has authored various articles and white papers in marketing. She owns several businesses in various industries from a Medical Device Company to a Construction Materials Company. Ms. Packard has a B.S. in Business and holds a Masters of Business Administration. In 2008, Ms. Packard was named as one of Utah’s 20 Most Influential Hispanics by Business Connect Magazine and is one of the 2011 national “Freedom From Fear” Award recipients. She served as the Executive Director for the Utah County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce based in the City of Orem, Utah. In this capacity, Ms. Packard promoted workforce diversity initiatives with mainstream business and supplier diversity certifications among Latino businesses, among other initiatives geared toward strengthening Hispanic businesses.

Community Service is very important to her. Her past service includes chairing the board of a large

ethnic chamber of commerce, she is a past Co-Chair of the Utah Hispanic Latino Legislative Task Force, and was the first State Director for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in Utah, the largest and oldest Latino Organization in the United States founded in 1929.

In June 2016, Ms. Packard was reelected as State Director for the League of United Latin American

Citizens (LULAC) in Utah. As State Director, she has focused her efforts toward Latinx Civic Engagement, Education, and building bridges.



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